Meaning of 'agara'

m n (akara S) A plantation (of Cocoanut, Betelnut, or other fruit-trees). 2 (Or mithagara) A tract on the sea-shore on which salterns are established. 3 An enclosure around a house sown or planted. 4 fig. A place or spot gen. of abundance or particular prevalence: as vidyeca a0 The seat of science (Benares); ganyaca a0 The land of song (Hindustan); ha kevala sastraca a0 ahe He is a very mine of sacred science.

Meaning of आगर

n (Poetry. अग्र S) Point, tip, nib, end. Ex. मिष्टान्नाची गोडी जिव्हेच्या आगरीं ॥ मसक भरल्या- वरी स्वाद नेणें ॥

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