Meaning of 'aga'

f (agni S) Fire. 2 fig. Ardor, heat, burning, glowing. aga pakhadane with ṃvara of o. To scatter calumnies concerning. aga righane To immolate herself upon the funeral pyre of her husband--a widow. ṃaga lagane acc. of s. as ndhanyala-vastrala To be exceedingly dear. aga lago Fire seize it! burn it! aga lavane To excite a quarrel; to kindle dissension. ṃaga lavila ani vijhali ka nnahi njauna pahila Used of a malignant and mischievous fellow who will set people by the ears, and then affect concern about it. agalavya ni bomba- marya m A term for one who will perpetrate a mischief or an act of wickedness, and then vehemently charge it upon another. aga varasane (To shower down fire.) Used with numerous words, such as mpausa, una, ladhai, sankata, cora, and in gen. case as pavasaci-unaci-ladhaici-sankataci-cora- nci-aga varasane, signifying To be excessive, intense, intolerable, overwhelming: also with ndhanya- ci-phalanci-gulaci-ladavanci-tupaci-aga varasane To be overflowingly copious or plentiful. ṃaga hati ndharavela pana (ha) hati ndharavanara nahi Said of a hot-headed, wildly passionate person. ṃaginta udi ghalane or ntakane To rush daringly into danger. ṃaginta or agivara tela ghalane or ṃotane To cast oil upon fire; to add fuel to the flame. ṃagivancuna dhura nighata nahi The waves never rise but when the winds blow. ṃagivaryace mbhaya (from aga & vare q. v.) Expresses fear or apprehension of the epidemic cholera. 2 (ṃaga & vara Wind.) Also agivaryace divasa Expressions in constant use in windy weather with reference to scattered grass or rubbish. v ho, laga, suta. konhi aga vhave konhi pani vhave Men ought to be diverse and multiform: some should be quick and fiery; some should be slow and gentle.

Meaning of अगा

f m ( P Known, acquainted.) Expectation or thought regarding; consideration of as likely to happen. It refers esp. to past time, and requires neg. con. Ex.ह्या महिन्यांत पाऊस पडेल ह्याची मला अगा नव्हती. 2 Presence or freshness of mind regarding; clear recollection of. Ex. मी चकलों खरें मला ते वेळेस अगा राहिली नाहीं. अगा m or अगो m घेणें g. of o. To take the conduct or management of; to take the lead or the initiative. अगा बांधणें To forecast; to consider futurity; to provide against.

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