Meaning of 'angavana'

f n A vow to an idol or a god. Ex. ki ṃvirasriyaci karita ṃa0 ṃ pratapa vadhe visesa For other senses see angavana.

Meaning of अंगवण

f (अंगवळण) Ability from practice; competency or capacity acquired; conversancy or habitude, 2 Force, vigor, strength, bodily capability: also prowess or power freely. Ex. जळो तुझी अं0 ॥ काय ऐसें वदन दाविसि ॥ Also बाणीं खिळले तिघे जण ॥ परिते अं0 न सोडिति ॥ 3 A pockpit or a scar gen. v पड, उठ, ये, जा. 4 See आंगवण.

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